Learning Scala – Unified Type System

In the previous tutorial, we went through some of the string operations in Scala. In this tutorial we go over the type hierarchy in Scala and how compatibility is maintained with JVM. Scala runs on a JVM and hence must maintain the distinction between values and references similar to Java. To differentiate between values and […]

Learning Scala – String operations

In the previous tutorial we saw how scala automatically infers the datatypes without the developer needing to explicitly specify them. In this tutorial, we go over some of the available string operations in scala. Multi line strings using “””: To create a string variable with multiple lines in scala, enclose the string within triple quotes […]

Learning Scala – Type Inference

In the previous tutorial, we saw how variables can be declared and initialised in scala. In this tutorial, we will see how scala automatically infers the data types. Scala is a statically typed language i.e. the type of variables are determined at compile time. It is quick and easy to develop the code and helps […]

Learning Scala – Variables

In this tutorial, we are going to look at creating and initialising two different types of variables in scala using the keywords val and var. If you haven’t already setup your Scala environment, follow along this tutorial to setup intellij for scala/spark application development.   Types of variables in Scala: Scala supports two types of […]

Twitter sentiment analysis using Spark and Stanford CoreNLP and visualization using elasticsearch and kibana

After experimenting with different applications to process streaming data likeĀ spark streaming, flume, kafka, storm etc. lets now look at how sentiment scores can be generated for tweets and build visualization dashboards on this data using elasticsearch and kibana.If you haven’t already got your twitter oAuth tokens, you can get them following this link. Now create […]

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